VINEYARD WILD CAUGHT — Supporting Martha's Vineyard
small owner operated fishing fleets and their sustainably
harvested catch, for the Island's heritage and future.

Does your lobster have a Vineyard Wild Caught band?
Identify the boat name on the band and see a picture of which Vineyard boat and captain caught your lobster.
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This labeling method easily distinguishes local lobster catch from other lobsters shipped in from distant ports, thereby giving the consumer the choice to support the island's fishermen, while enjoying the freshest product available.

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Vineyard Wild Caught is a non-profit organization that is committed to preserving, protecting, and promoting the Island's fishing community through identifying local catch and preserving access to the Island's fisheries. By labeling seafood products caught in Island waters by Vineyard fishermen the consumer is able to choose between local and non-local seafood whether at the fish market or in a restaurant.
Look for this logo at fish markets and restaurants!
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